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tor•til•la (tôr-tēˈyə) n. A thin disk of unleavened bread made from masa or wheat flour and baked on a hot surface.

philia n. A psychological disorder characterized by an irrational favorable disposition towards something.

tor•til•la•philia (tôr-tēˈyə-philia) n. A conformity for someone who doesn’t deny her-/him-self the wonders of life’s true joys.

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Tortillaphilia fact-finding mission, circa 1968.

Welcome to Tortillaphilia, a place where you can be you without being judged.

Tortillaphilia is a lifestyle. We travel, we watch esoteric movies, we eat fine foods, we ruminate about life. And we do, of course, give that burrito just a little more attention than the burger.

The site is curated by Mack Salmon, who invites you to be you. Remember: Tortillaphilia does not make you a monster.

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Highlights throughout the history of Tortillaphilia

  • Jun 18, 2007: Tortillaphilia launches.
  • Sep 05, 2007: Something good comes on TV, and we forget about the site.
  • Aug 25, 2008: SpoCOOL, a Spokane, Wash. based site, and Tortillaphilia’s spiritual successor opens. It is actively updated until June 9th, 2014.
  • Sep 22, 2014: One Star Classics, a website centered around under-appreciated movies, hits the web.
  • Jan 23, 2015: OlyCOOL, an Olympia, Wash. based site, launches.
  • Feb 23, 2016: Tortillaphilia launches. Again.
  • Feb 23, 2016: Intern Jon tweets to Jack in the Box and Tortillaphilia. Jack in the Box both likes and responds to tweet.
  • Mar 05, 2016: One lucky individual from Florida is set to enjoy the grandest coq au vin taco of their life, after being responsible for Tortillaphilia’s first Google hit.
  • Jan 11, 2017: With tears in her eyes (presumably), Basma Abdel Aziz links to our glowing review of her tome, The Queue. (Photographic evidence exists.)
  • Oct 30, 2017: Anthropologists find ancient texts from the dark ages of Tortillaphilia. Findings are documented in The Dungeon.
  • Nov 21, 2017: Reddit goes abuzz over our Taco Bell Egg Tacos write-up, which sits as the 84th most controversial link.
  • May 20, 2018: Tortillaphilia merges with SpoCOOL, One Star Classics, OlyCOOL, and the short-lived To The Landing.
  • Dec 14, 2018: Site relocates to Seattle. Blog shifts to a more local focus.