Amy’s Cheddar Cheese, Bean & Rice Burrito: Burrito

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The world of frozen burritos is a cold and desolate place, but once in a while, rare as it may be, a beacon of relative happiness appears out from the grocery aisles.

Don’t get me wrong, you won’t confuse Amy’s Cheddar Cheese burrito with the real thing. Barrio won’t be losing sleep, nor will your local taco truck need to diversify. As far as a guilty side trip through the frozen tundras of your grocery store goes, though? Hey, we all get hungry and desperate now and again, so you might as well make the best of it.

Amy’s success largely comes down to its lack of whimsy and wacky. You don’t need to look further than evol. to see how Big Frozen Food is gunning for the young, hip tortillaphile market. Amy’s is different. Restrained. Dignified, even.

You simply get the three advertised flavors: cheddar, rice, and refried beans. You can actually distinguish the flavors in the burrito; it’s not just one big mush, even when microwaved. (Note that it’ll take 50 minutes to prepare this in the oven — that’s a long wait, and it defeats the purpose of possessing a layman’s burrito.) So often we have to settle for a tortilla filled with sodium. That’s not the case with Amy’s.

I would go so far as to recommend keeping a small cache of these in your freezer. When you’re too busy to throw something together yourself, and heading out is out of the question, Amy’s will do just fine.