Barrio Mexican Kitchen & Bar: Enchiladas

Just because we’re covering in our shelters while the world is going to hell doesn’t mean we should skirt on our standards. We may not be able to frequent our purveyors of tortilla related cuisines, but if Muhammad can’t come to the mountain, the mountain can still come to Muhammad. I’m pretty sure that’s the saying. Point being: delivery is a good thing, and we should take advantage of it.

Burrito from Barrio

Here at Tortillaphilia™, we are fans of Barrio, and the time seemed appropriate to revisit their modern takes on Mexican cuisine. Their burritos are of high quality; their enchiladas? No different. Barrio delivers another safe and solid choice.

It all lies in the flavor balance. The chicken has a bite to it, easily surviving the drive from the restaurant, served in salsa with a sting to the palate. Spicy – particularly if you go with both the red and green sauces – without being a firebomb, well leveled out by the crema. It’s like a trinity of enchilada goodness.

Too, the tortillas hold up. It’s not a situation where you end up with a mushy mess, and I’m reasonably certain you could eat these enchiladas with your hands if that’s your thing. (Hey, we don’t judge.)

Add the side of tortilla chips, and you get a suitable vessel for dipping, too.

It’s a well-rounded package, professionally assembled. Is it crazy exciting? No, but that’s OK. It’s a fresh take on a classic, and it is something we all can and shall enjoy.

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