Bayview Thriftway


Here we look at their Burrito Bar. This post originally appeared at our Tortillaphilia page.

Bayview is kind of like that neighbor you think is cool, but then it turns out he isn’t. At all. Like, he is the locavore of the block1, he is social2, he has a great view3, and damn if he doesn’t have a burrito bar too4.

Then the day comes when everything falls apart… The man has Fox News on at every waking hour. Or, as it is with Bayview, their pharmacy refuses to carry Plan B. Welcome to 1948!

Image of Bayview Thriftway

But let’s go back to their burrito bar, which is fairly awful in its own right. Why anyone would go here instead of making a burrito at home is beyond me. (I was doing research damn it!) Really, what did I expect? Berating a grocery store for making burritos out of grocery store-branded ingredients… I mean, it’s actually a grocery store.

I suppose this might be your «thing» if you like dried meat, congealed re-fried beans, and wilted salad. The stale tortillas add a bit of panache, I guess. But more than anything, Bayview Thriftway will forever have the honor of being Tortillaphilia™’s first recipient of the coveted «Dead Mario» score5.

This is the type of burrito bar Tortillaphilia™ cannot get behind. It tries to entice you in with promises of delicious foods, then promptly lets you down. Just like that neighbor who didn’t turn out to be as awesome as you thought he was.

1 Lots of local grocery bands.

2 Cooking classes. For real. Good ones, too.

3 The view really is great.

4 Bayview has a burrito bar!

5 For those counting, that is zero out of the regular four «Mario Mushrooms».