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When the ebook wave hit, it was somewhat of a blessing for me. I like to read, but I hate clutter, and while having a reasonable collection of books on display might look good, I get vaguely OCD over walls full of them. Having a device with literally hundreds of books on it? It appeals to a certain side of me.

I’m not one of those who care about the physical sensation of holding a bound copy; an iPad does the same job. Plus, if you need to look up a word, you can do so with two clicks within the book. (I mean, really, do so even if you get the contextual meaning of the word. Learning the actual definition is both educational and entertaining. Edutainment!)

Yet… My deep dark secret is that I love bookstores. I love browsing books, more so than browsing physical music-media, all for reasons… Well, we’ll leave that story for another day. Bookstores are awesome, and while I have spent the last few years exclusively reading digital texts, Team OlyCOOL has recently fallen of the wagon, and have gone all Luddite.

And that is the long, round-about version of how we found ourselves at Browsers Bookstore.

This is a shop with a lot going for it, and not much going against it. There is a good selection of books—the space is a lot larger than what the facade would suggest—all well laid out. Importantly, the categorization is thought out; you don’t have to jump between random sub-groups to find the author you’re looking for as often is the case.

As far as any physical entertainment media store is concerned, one can always expect a bit… lot… of snobbery. At Browsers, you definitely get a whiff of the vibe, but only in the positive sense. You know when you feel just a little bit better about yourself for shopping in a certain spot? Yep, this is a good store to get your ego massaged.

The prices are pretty average, and the selection of used titles seemed decent. Like I said: Very little gets in the way of the positives here.

Browsers was a good inaugural spot to start this little bookstore hunt of ours. Who knows where we’ll end up next, but as long as it makes us feel superior for being readers, it’s all good with us.