Burial Grounds


I can unequivocally say Burial Grounds exudes a vibe found in few other cities. It’s about as Olympia as Olympia can get, which, in my mind, is a good thing. Your mileage may vary, which would be a little bit sad — a dash of eclecticism in your life can only broaden your horizon, and Burial Grounds is plenty eclectic.

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What you won’t find in the downtown shop is delicate, lightly roasted coffee drinks prominently featured at Sprudge or in Roast magazine. Head down to Olympia Coffee Roasting for that. The concoctions at Burial Grounds are instead positively weird. Try a Hallowed Grounds with its random stuff flavor, and you know you’re literal blocks away from your highfalutin pour-over. I might prefer the latter if I have to choose, but I also have a hard time turning down a ghost pepper almond latte.

The service is professional and friendly, and the slightly shabby interior gives the place a distinct ambiance. You’ll see people working on their laptops work and others playing multiplayer Civilization on the separate gaming wifi.

There is a somewhat vast library of books and zines to peruse, and a collection of comic books is displayed on a wall. If there is one spot in Olympia that qualifies as the poster child for a third place, Burial Grounds is it. Take a look around, and you’ll see colorful locals and white color professionals (many of whom often are the same) leisurely doing their thing. Discounts are given to a wide variety of groups (state workers, students, etc.), too.

Burial Grounds might not be a holy sanctuary for craft coffee, but it is a good representation of the heart and soul of Olympia: a bit shabby and punk, yet welcoming and chill: A place to hang out, which increasingly seems to be a rarity these days.