California Tacos: Burrito

Once in a while, now and again, you just want to feel like a regular human being. The excitement of being excited doesn’t excite, and you feel the need to kick back and be one of them. The regulars. And when one feels like being regular, there is nothing wrong with ordering a simple regular burrito1 from California Tacos.

Image of burrito

Giving into the feeling of regularity isn’t always a bad thing. From a research perspective it is important to know how the other third feels. Not the Taco Bell third, but the other third, those who have yet to have take the step into the tortillaphilia, though they certainly are considering it.

The burrito at California Tacos is also quite good. Smacked together is carne asada and rice, a bit of sour cream and cilantro. Beans. You feel just a little bit of kick from it, but not to the point the commons would be scared away. The tortilla is simply stuffed with something safe and familiar, without being dull and boring. Hey, sometimes that old, warm sweater is what you need. This is the tortilla version of it.

Speaking of the tortilla itself—it is good. It holds the fillings without falling apart, and the light char adds just a bit depth to the party. I’m not sure if this is a Ramirez tortilla—I’m not too familiar with their flour variant—but respect to whomever baked it. It’s a solid tortilla.

Kick back and enjoy living the regular life now and again. You’re too far down the rabbit hole to make it a routine happening, but sometimes a nostalgic look at your old life strengthens the soul. California Tacos2 is there for you, there to tell you it’s OK to not always take the fast-lane.

1 Which is its actual name: «Regular Burrito».

2 Sometimes called Tacos California. I assume this is to keep people on their toes.

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