Captain Little


If geeking out on board games is a good thing, then Team OlyCOOL is even better than you already thought we were. And that is pretty good!

Back in the corner of Captain Little is where you’ll find the motherlode of games. We’re not talking about relegation to the back corner: This is like the… upscale… Corner office? I don’t know, whatever positive corners there are.

They’re all here, from Settlers of Catan with its many expansions, to Ticket to Ride. All the classics, too. Some might think of board games as a dying pastime, (or art form), but they most certainly are not. Captain Little is only one proof of that.

There is, of course, a lot more to the store. I am sadly no longer much of a toy person, but it’s hard not to be fascinated by all the weird and awesome things you can find here. A lot of them are (as things tend to be in these days of nostalgia) aimed at adults, too. (Actually, I’m not entirely sure if the classic toys are aimed at adults or if they’re aimed at adults who want to push their childhood onto their kids, but that’s a discussion for another time.)

Add to that, there is the typical stuff like playing cards and whatever, all in the more quirky style you’d expect from a spot like this.

Captain Little isn’t the type of store I’ll shop at too often–one can only get that many board games without being too weird about it–but it is a place I’ll go whenever I can find an excuse. Maybe that does make me weird? I can live with that.