Cascadia Grill

The Great Burger ChaseOlympia

A vegan burger has no business being as good as this.A Wise Man

For whatever reason, my diet consists largely of whole plant-based foods these days. I’m not vegan, nor am I vegetarian, but WholPBaF™ is just how I roll.

The reason many differentiate between vegan food and WholPBaF™ is the abundance of substandard processed vegan alternatives out there. Miss hot-dogs? Tofurkey is there for you. Craving some hot-wings? MorningStar Farms is on it.

All of that processed stuff is often disgusting, and none more so than the vegan burger. Up until recently, it has existed solely as a cardboard replacement for me.

Now we got the Impossible Burger. The fad sweeping the nation is, among other things, based on heme, an iron-rich complex, and a component of hemoglobin. I assume you see where this is going. Hemoglobin; blood; burgers. Heme is used to make the patty both look and taste like actual red meat, or so is the goal, anyway.

Cascadia Grill is, to the best of my knowledge, the only spot in Olympia that serves the Impossible Burger, and the concept is just bizarre enough to warrant a Fact Finding Mission.

Illustrative image

Right off the bat, the downtown restaurant upped the ante. The patty comes served on a bagel, rather than a bun. A different vessel for a different type of burger? I’m down with that. Otherwise, the toppings are pretty much what you’d expect, with your tomato, onion, lettuce, and all. The classics married to the progressives in one unholy matrimony.

How well a meal like this will work comes down to two things: Is the Impossible Burger patty any good? And if so, is the assembled burger satisfying?

I’ll admit I went in with low expectations, but… The Impossible Burger is good. You probably would be able to tell it apart from the real thing in a blind taste test — the consistency is a bit different from meat — but that is not to say it wasn’t better than many actual burgers I’ve had.

Cascadia serves it the right way, too. The bagel is a nice touch, though a regular bun would have worked just as well. And when you have a patty that works, there is little need to go crazy with toppings. The flavors are clean, something I rarely can say about the sodium bombs processed vegan alternatives tend to be. And bonus points for some tasty fries.

I’ll be curious to see what my opinions about a real burger will be when compared to this. Right now, I’m just satisfied there is a proper WholPBaF™ burger experience out there.