Curry in a Hurry


Curry in a Hurry–great name, great location, good curry. Not a holy trinity, I suppose, but certainly a highly acceptable one.

That’s not to say the farmer’s market booth is without problems, but those can, in the end, be forgiven. Nobody can accuse Curry in a Hurry of fake marketing at least; it really does live up to its name. You walk up, give your order to a surly employee, wait for a short while, and grab a dish which may or may not be yours. Yes, that was actually a problem that arose twice in the short time we spent by the booth. The cook just throws out plates as soon as they are done, without actually indicating who they’re for or what they are. Thus people pick the wrong plates.

So not a well-run establishment, but the curry was very good, and you do get it in a hurry.

My chala masala was served with properly cooked garbanzo beans–not mushy, not undercooked. The citric undertones tangoed perfectly well with the spices, and the dryness of the dish was right where it should be. My only real issue was that it might have been a bit too salty, but then, not crazily so. Not a showstopper.

The basmati rice, too, held a good quality. Often times this is served water downed and plain, but Curry in a Hurry’s held good, individual flavors. Having a rice that can hold its own against the rest of the dish is always appreciated.

The vegetarian curry was equally good, and even vegan, if that is your thing. (Hey, I’m not one to judge!)

That’s all there is to it, really. You get curry. In a hurry. Sometimes you even get somebody else’s curry. From a snarly kid in a booth. Yes, Curry in a Hurry has its ups and down, but in the end, if you get the right dish, it at least ends on a happy note. That’s better than the alternative.