Dirty Oscar’s Annex: Burrito

Dirty Oscar’s is doing Kirk Cameron’s1 work. This is a spot where some sort of mad genius took a look at the hangover staple, the burrito, and asked themself: «How can one make this even more hangover-food-y?» The answer? Drop any kind of traditional sauces, and toss on the gravy.

Image of burrito

Simple, right? And isn’t that what makes things great? Simplicity is a beautiful thing.

Execution wise things go a tad more shaky. As far as being hangover food, there’s little to complain about, but for being just food, the burrito is not completely up to snuff.

The overall palate is way too salty, to the point the burrito fails to be something I can put a blanket recommendation upon. You probably won’t notice it after a shaky night with libations, but the mix of ham, braised pork, bacon, and gravy… That is a lot of salt. A lot of protein too, but surely there is a middle ground.

Dirty Oscar’s is kind of a cool place, though. Upscale dive, if you so like. I also thought the ads on the champagne glasses were great: «Pop the bubbly… but enjoy responsibly!» In other words, call the advertiser if you didn’t enjoy it responsibly. Who is the sponsor? A law firm.

1 For new readers, I have given in and acknowledged him being right: He is god.

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