Doritos Dinamite Chile Limón

Product Placement

When snacking it up, it is important to remember there is a whole world of pure awesomeness out there. There is also a whole world of horribleness, which for whatever reason is the road I seem to travel.

Image of Doritos

We all1 remember the hipper than thou Red Hot Mojo chips, and to create balance to the world, I decided the Doritos route was the way to go this time. Seriously, this is what I do for you. I eat Doritos. Why? I don’t know! Maybe I’m just a humanitarian…

As far as bro-ing it up goes, it’s hard to beat2 Doritos’s Dinamite Chile Limón. In Doritos’s world, there is no «y» in «Dynamite», and they go all Español by calling it «limón» instead of «lemon», even though every other word3 in the title is English.

These chips are pretty much pure crap, by the way. In the absence of anything of actual substance, there is absolute nothing to like here. Really, in the absence of flavors, Doritos decided to just puke out a bunch of spices, and what you end up with is a crunchy spice-fest. Spice-fests without actual true flavors are not good fests. They’re like… funeral wakes. Fests, sure, but not festive.

Its one redeeming feature is the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice4 branding. I am pretty much the only person on the planet who liked that movie, and I will gladly buy a bag of god-horrible chips to support it. As I did.

Nobody can make me eat them again, mind you.

1 I mean, I do.

2 I had a typo where I left the «b» out of «beat». It is hard to eat this.

3 Is «Dorito» an English word? Probably not. But you get the point.

4 Great title, too!