El Taco Amigo: Burrito

The beauty of the taco truck can also be its downfall. One day it is there, right in front of you, peddling its tacos and burritos in the most tantalizing ways, luring you in like a Siren of the Parking Lot. Then, it’s gone. Where it went, nobody knows.

I’m not sure where El Taco Amigo started its life, but at the time of writing, you can find it in the Done-Rite Automotive lot in East Olympia. You probably cannot find a less scenic location outside of the I-5, but at least the service here is fast enough for a grab-and-run.

In the spirit of research, I tried El Taco Amigo’s namesake burrito, which is big in every way. Literally in size, figuratively in flavors. You could go crazy and top the $7.90 default with a $2.59 deluxe option, but I see little reason to do so. Do you really need to stash the proverbial sour cream in with the meat? Of course you don’t, because the burrito comes stuffed to the brim with beef, pork, and chicken. An herbivore’s nightmare is a carnivore’s dream.

Located in Olympia, Washington, El Taco Amigo delivers Mexican food and burritos we can get behind.El Taco Amigo is located in the Done-Rite Automotive parking lot in Olympia, Washington, and is open until 8 p.m. We recommend the El Taco Amigo burrito.

It might be an overkill, but it works. The flavors are distinct enough to give the burrito round flavors, each part of a harmony akin to a dazzling Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire fandango. The seasoning packs a gentle punch without taking anything away from the base, which I can respect. A polite spice is one that understands when it should be known, and when it should make a discrete exit.

So, El Taco Amigo delivers a burrito I can get behind. It’s not there to flaunt every color of the rainbow, but instead, it displays palpable, pragmatic flavors, different from the flashier California Tacos. Which truck is the better choice depends on your wanton moods, but El Amiga holds its own. Buy the ticket, take the ride, and your venture into unchartered territories will be one of enjoyment.

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