evol. Street Tacos

Product Placement

It’s fairly clear the evol. brand is better than us. One thing is leading it all in with a lower case mirrored «e»; adding a «.» at the end is the mic-drop of punctuation.

Image of… something

And like any self-respecting hip, organic-bent food-brand, evol. has a street taco product. One you prepare in your microwave, no less.1 Microwaved, organic tacos? That’s pretty much what you can expect from any street taco in Ensenada2.

What does one get treated to after two tantalizing minutes in the microwave? It’s a beautiful thing: With a mere 320 mg of sodium, you can enjoy a tortilla tasting like literally nothing. Again. Literally. Nothing. Your teeth hit something, but good grief if there was anything here as far as flavor goes.

This is an overarching theme in the «Street Tacos» meal, not having any flavors. Maybe I’m just not hip enough to «get» it, as I really do not «get» it. Even the guacamole—put it in a glass of hot water for two minutes, and baby, you got a sauce going—tastes like air. How can you mess up guacamole? It’s by definition3 full of flavor. I mean, really.

Yeah, I don’t know. I don’t «get» it. Maybe I’m not supposed to. Mirrored «e», organic labels, a pouch of something green one may or may not mistake for guacamole aside… There is nothing here. And the Remster, on behalf of anyone who enjoys the tortilla-based4 lifestyle, cannot hate this anymore than I already do.

1 I mean, those who eat food with a mirrored-e don’t have time to use a conventional oven.

2 It is not.

3 Figuratively.

4 Or anything else good in life.