Fleur De Sel Artisan Creperie


Spokane is abuzz about Fleur de Sel, which probably says something about the lack of crepe places1 in town. That’s not to say Fleur de Sel is bad, it just sort of… is. Let me elaborate.

Illustrative image.

The crepes themselves aren’t bad, just kind of on the dull side. Their flavors aren’t overly memorable, and even a spiced rhubarb compote add little more than a much needed baseline-oomph. This could have been so much more. I guess even an average crepe is pleasant enough, and there are those who might say it’s unfair to compare Fleur de Sel to something like Portland’s Snow White, a Team SpoCOOL favorite. But, you know what? I don’t really buy into that. There is no need to expect mere average in Spokane anymore.

Also affecting the experience was the thorough use of paper plates. I mean, seriously… A crepe place with Fleur de Sel’s reputation should feel like a step up from a chain restaurant. I’m sure somebody, somewhere could explain why they went the paper route, but that doesn’t lessen the hit the ambiance takes.

Wow, this really does sound negative, doesn’t it? I don’t really mean to be too harsh, but after all the buzz I was disappointed there wasn’t more to Fleur de Sel. It has its place, and I’m sure it’s a good dining option for nearby hospital workers. I’m not so sure it’s worth much of a trek, but that is of course only one (magnificent) man’s opinion.

1 Wait, is there more than one?