Hart’s Mesa


I’m sure you as I would consider those of us with special tortilla-needs — the tortillaphile — to be avant-garde. We’re the type who throw caution to the wind, describe black as white, and proclaim McCartney the ultimate Beatle1.

Image of burrito

Sometimes one needs to turn these things in the other direction; this involves going to a spot with its own classy take on Mexican food, show them a smirk, and order something as philistine as a burrito. Sacrilege for sure, but one rolls how one rolls, and one often comes back better for it.

Hart’s Mesa’s burrito is one worthy of a connoisseur. It is big, certainly, but not stuffed, and resistance is shown with the filling. A smattering of meat and vegetables, some rice and pico de gallo… Add crema and cheese, and you’re left with something beautifully fresh tasting.

The tortilla—flour in this case—is flavorful, as one would expect from a dare-I-say boutique spot like Hart’s Mesa.

There is no need to overthink these things. Go where the feelings take you. Follow your heart. A creative spot will always do the classics right, and Hart’s Mesa is no different. They treat you fine, and you deserve nothing less.

1 I mean, god, «Helter Skelter»!