Hogwash Whiskey Den


I’ll tell you the one thing I don’t like about Hogwash. (Yes, there literally is only one thing I find displeasing.) I get it… I get they want to be a «speakeasy», but in 2017, with a Facebook page and an Instagram profile, I see little need in hiding your entrance. To their credit, they did do a good job at it, as multiple people in our party walked straight past it. Repeatedly.

Thumbnail for Hogwash Whiskey Den

That aside.

We haven’t had anything but good things to say about the Santé crew’s undertakings so far, and little would suggest it will change anytime soon. When you finally do find the door, the locales have the underground vibe you (surely) had hoped for. Here you’ll find an open space that is not too loud, and well suited for socializing (at least if you can find a table). The light is suitably dim and creates a good ambiance.

I’m not personally a huge whiskey drinker, but I know what I like, and I have a good feel for what a decent Manhattan should taste like. Hogwash delivered it spot on: a simple drink with a kick; a bit of sweet with a side of burn1, where proper, high-quality ingredients did the grunt work. Go traditional or go wild and ask the bartenders for something out of the ordinary. Both worked for us, and the Krampus’ Slay delivered a good chaser (so to speak).

(And the heathen I am, I was a fan of the Negroni. The heart wants what the heart wants, even when it’s a gauche late evening apéritif.)

Not surprisingly — this is a Santé spin-off after all — the food went over well, too. For me, it was all about the Hogwash Burger, where the addition of a $3 egg is worth the splurge: the gooey result is quite delicious. Impressively, the bun didn’t soggy up either, which is always a bonus. This isn’t exactly Santé as far as the menu goes, but the food is anything but an afterthought, and seems carefully appropriated to go with the cocktails.

So yes, I will graciously forgive the door. Hogwash does everything else very, very well, and the only real excuse you would have for not going here would be that you’re underage. But hey, that’s what fake IDs are for, right?2

Update! Proprietor Jeremy Hansen called out on Facebook what now reasonably can only be called Doorgate. I’m sure a discussion could be had about both the current use of «speakeasy» and linguistic re-appropriation in general, but we’ll leave that for another time. Over to Jeremy:

Ok so! I do appreciate the fine words and the appreciation from a true and educated food enthusiast! But! Hogwash is not and was never intended to be a speak easy! And nowhere in our literature on instagrahm or FB says it is. And this is why, their is no such thing as a speakeasy in this day and age, and if I was faking it I’d have a password or a window with a light or something and no fb or insto. So no this is not a speakeasy and was never intended to be. And the only reason you can’t find the door is because, idk there’s a sign right there. Anyway, he entrance is the way it is because it’s literally the only way to get in. But thank you! And thank you for not kissing ass!