IKEA has a restaurant. That is a fact, and we all have to live with it. It’s also something we all need to share the blame for. The fault lies not with the Swedes, but rather with those who decided to trust them with tortilla wraps. Yes, IKEA makes tortilla wraps.

Image of wrap

This is not a good thing, and the furniture-store-restaurant is flying too close to the sun. They managed to fool the world into thinking their meatballs were good, and the lingonberry juice is mighty tempting to many. Throwing on some wings made of wax, tortilla in hand, setting off into the stratosphere… It was sort of a predictable progression.

I have in retrospect learned what IKEA forced1 on me was a barbecue chicken wrap. One can only assume barbecue sauce was intended to be involved in one way or other, though possibly only the chicken was supposed to have been thrown on the barbecue. Neither seemed to have been the case during this fact-finding mission.

The iceberg lettuce didn’t really lend too much to the party either, though I’m fairly sure a dollop of ranch dressing might have made its way toward the back of the wrap. The tortilla itself will never be accused of holding any flavor, leaving you with nothing wrapped around nothing with a squeeze of Hidden Valley toward the back, and a generous serving of three grape tomatoes on the side.

I guess in that sense the IKEA wrap is everything you’d expect it to be. And more!2 Just remember: Right when that hunger-pang hit, probably as you pick up your fifth Sküddihode shelf, you do have options. A McDonald’s is likely close by. Hold out for it. Odds are their tortilla-based offerings will be better than this.

1 They didn’t force me per se, but they did have a threatening look on their faces.

2 In that more is less kind of way.