King Solomon’s Reef: Burrito

The thing about the Reef (as I like to call it) is that it does have its place. Hangover food; late-night dining; Ms. Pac-Man… The Reef rocks it. But a burrito to soothe a tortillaphile’s cravings? I’m not so sure that is entirely its forte.

Image of tacos

During our fact-finding mission I tried, as one does, the breakfast burrito. To say it’s loaded would be an understatement. I fully expected it to explode as soon I put my fork into it1. For some—let’s call them the proletariat—this might be a good thing. Bang for your buck, flavor punch, etc. There is something to be said for that.

I2, however, want something more. Something subtle and refined, but frankly, when the hash browns are inside the burrito, this is not something one would accuse of being haughty. There’s the peppers, the gallon of sour cream, the hen-farm amount of eggs, and… Oi… There’s just so, so much.

Maybe I was just not valiant enough to take on this breakfast burrito. It was too much for me, I have no problems admitting that, and I’m OK with it. I really don’t think this is what we, the tortillaphiles, crave.

1 Attempting to eat this one with your hands would be a rookie mistake.

2 … and, I assume, you…

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