La Gitana


I’m not entirely sure what we had expected from La Gitana, but whatever it was, it was not what we ended up getting. From the outside, the spot basically looked like your typical slice-on-the-go parlor, which it decidedly is not. Instead, La Gitana is something we all should love and, indeed, cherish.

Here you get Italian pizza in the word’s truest form: The flour is from Italy, and the wood fire pies are baked and topped with high quality ingredients. That’s what their marketing spiel says, and it doesn’t take much to surmise it’s true.

Our pizza came topped with prosciutto, arugula, and mushrooms, as well as blue cheese mixed in with the mozzarella. One bite in, and it was obvious this was done the correct way: The crust had a good crunch to it, with just the proper chew on the inside. Like I’ve said before: A good crust is one you can eat by itself, no toppings needed, and that’s something La Gitana clearly understands. The flavors could stand tall by themselves.

As far as the toppings went, the prosciutto had almost started melting down through the arugula, which gave it a good, non-stringy bite. The meat was salty, for sure, but it did not overpower the mushrooms. In fact, the balance of the flavors were one of the things that really sold us here–not even the blue cheese came out to kick you in the teeth, and instead played nicely with the other ingredients.

Many of the pies here cost a bit more than what one might expect–up past the $20 mark–but their $10 lunch specials give you a good bang for the buck, what with a 9” pie and all.

Finally, the interiors were very comfortable, all European style with a Pacific Northwest twist. Some might say ambiance doesn’t matter, but really, don’t you want the full experience when you go out for a meal? We do, and we’re sure you, in all your awesomeness, do too. (We assume you’re awesome, seeing you’re reading this site.)

La Gitana is pretty awesome, too. You could, I guess, decide not to try them, but that probably also means you sympathize with terrorists.