Late July Organic Red Hot Mojo: Tortilla chips

I will give Late July points… well, a point… for going all in with their Red Hot Mojo branding. The red bag1, pepper prints2, Mojo3… We’re talking one step from having caliente and ¡aye aye aye! printed over the packaging.

Image of burrito

Actually, maybe I’m confusing «all out» with «racial stereotyping»?

The chips, at any rate, are pretty disgusting. That’s not to say I don’t think there’s a market for Red Hot Mojo. I’m sure there is. People who are attracted to loud colors and the USDA Organic logo, for example. They will probably feel good about themselves while eating this, shaking their fists at gluten and flavors. I would assume the kid who ate cardboard in elementary school would find something to enjoy here, too.4

But the rest of us? There is not a whole lot to get excited about. The chips really don’t taste like anything. All you get is something with a consistency to it, coated in random-ish spices5 with that bonus of staleness6 to it.

Those of us with more highfalutin tortilla-tastes need to look elsewhere for our chip-fix. Frankly, tilt your head slightly to the right toward those Doritos, and you’d probably be moving in a better direction.

1 Red!

2 Hot!

3 You get it!

4 They taste like cardb… Oh, you still get it.

5 I’m fairly certain you’d find an identically flavored spice-package at Safeway with a name like Fiesta Mix.

6 See number five5.

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