Los Gorditos: Taco

Back in 2007, during Tortillaphilia’s formative years, we had little choice but to fire our co-founder, Bryan Wits1, after he partook in what can only be described as unseemly behavior2.

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We can only assume he really wants his place in the Good Company back, as he now, nine years later, had to travel 350 miles to Portland to find what he hoped would be his ticket. His exact quote on Los Gorditos: «best lengua tacos I’ve ever had, and I don’t say that flippantly.»3

Well OK then, Bryan — PittsWits. We will be the judge of that.

The finding? This is a good example of why we had to get rid of Bryan. Sure, the lengua tacos are good, but the real greatness here is the al pastor. He was right about the greatness, but got the meat wrong. Good Kirk Cameron!

But like Bryan, we should not be flippant either. The lengua truly held a high quality, with a perfect bite and pleasing mild flavors. They may be the best lengua tacos I’ve had, or they may not be. It’s kind of a toss up as I’ve had many good ones.4

The al pastor, though… Man! Maybe it’s my bias for the döner kebab, but Los Gorditos’s take on the shawarma-inspired meat really did it for me. The flavors were drenched with spices—not too spicy, but with a lot of depth—paired by just a tint of sweetness. Just fantastic.

The tortillas? Also perfect. I mean, really: Perfect. Small, with a great bite, and flavorful enough to be eaten by themselves5, no toppings needed. At $2 a pop, you’ve got quite the deal going on, and three tacos should hold you well over for a while.

You can eat in-store, or hang out at the neighboring Apex, which has an excellent beer selection. The combination is lethal in all the right ways.

So, you know… Maybe Bryan is onto something here. Los Gorditos is really good. It stands apart from many spots, and if De Leon is Spokane’s best Mexican place, and Ramirez Olympia’s, then Los Gorditos puts in a good card for being Portland’s pick.

It will be a tough call to make, but we will keep researching so you all can stay informed.6

1 Not his real name, but… you know… pretty close.

2 Two words: Fiesta. Mexicana. That’s hitting the diluted stuff in Spokane.

3 Source. (Don’t look at his name.)

4 Equally often bad ones, too. Rarely there seems to be a middle ground.

5 Same goes for their flour tortillas.

6 As for reinstating Bryan, it will be discussed in an upcoming board meeting.

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