Meet The Moon: Tostada

… or a hash as it is, but either way.

Somewhere in the depths of the Leschi neighborhood is Meet The Moon. It’s run by the owners of Barrio, a fresh-Mex place that does its thing better than well. And while Meet The Moon also has its merits – great interiors, good service, excellent apple cider – their hash is not one of them.


Theoretically, the ingredients should be the makings of a good dish: a tostada piled with potatoes and eggs, covered in a chipotle hollandaise sauce, and flanked by various garnishes. Simple and straightforward; just what this type of tostada is when properly executed. That was not the case at Meet The Moon.

The main issue came down to the sauce, which was an odd, inharmonious mix of regular hollandaise flavors and chipotle spices. Having some heat sneak up on you after sampling a sauce is, of course, not a bad thing – quite the opposite – but here it felt like the two had oddly separated from each other.

The carnitas themselves weren’t too bad. A bit too dry, and the flawed sauce wasn’t able to compensate for it.

In that sense, the sauce felt superfluous, which is not a good thing when it’s the binding solution. When it fails, it lets the dish down; remove it, and you have an entirely different dish.

In all fairness, individual accompaniments did hold up well enough. Some well-seasoned potatoes were welcomed, and the eggs came sunny-side up as advertised. Hey, that’s often a stumbling block. I have had worse hashes. And misgivings aside, the dish really was more painfully average than inedible.

That’s neither here nor there: I, as you, deserve more than merely O.K.

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