Memo’s Mexican Food Restaurant: Burrito

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That fellow tortilla-lovers flock to Tortillaphilia should be a surprise to no-one, and recommendations are often flung upon us1. On Twitter — follow us, if you would so like — @emmettoconnell gave Memo’s in Tacoma a somewhat reserved thumbs up, yet not reserved enough not to undertake a fact-finding mission to the place. What we found was good. Not great, but a type of meal that benefits any rational society.

Memo’s is a classic Cali-Mex drive-through, with minimal seating in a space that is almost chambre séparée2. (This is the 6th street location — others take more of a traditional restaurant route.) It’s open 24 hours a day, which typically means it caters to the late-night crowds: Large burritos at fair prices is something many crave at certain hours. My chorizo burrito ran for a cent less than $4, and it was stuffed full of flavorful sausage. Not only cheaper than Taco Bell but — obviously — tastier, too.

Despite not being under the breakfast menu, the burrito additionally prominently featured eggs, which, while surprising, pleasingly soothed the spicier sausage. A bit of cheese finished out the profile.

A good burrito, certainly, though not entirely mind-blowing. Memo’s holds the typical Cali-Mex drive-through standard, which by all means is delectable for what it is in all its simplicity. And again: $4. With that, I’d at least make Memo’s a late-night stop3 had I lived in the area.

The actual interiors are sparse, and while they have a certain distinct charm, I’d still recommend sticking with the drive-through. A burrito like this can, and probably should be enjoyed at home.

Lastly, a word about the accompanying salsa: It’s hot. Really hot. I can take spicy, but I’d be hard-pressed dressing my burrito up in the salsa verde. The chorizo had enough of a kick by itself.

Simple, tasty, and not overly remarkable… That is perfectly fine for this kind of spot. Memo’s delivers what it promises, and that’s good enough for us.

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1 … twice, but let’s not split hairs.

2 A solitary dining area. We’re all about the pretentious words here.

3 Granted, late is sort of a relative term for me these days.

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