Metropolitan Market: Burrito

Nice try Met Market, but this burrito will fool no-one.

Image of an alleged burrito

It is clear as day what the grocery store – one I love and respect – is trying to do with the spicy tuna burrito. It’s just as clear what they actually deliver. This is not a fusion burrito; it’s a gigantic sushi roll.

And when I say it’s not a burrito, I’m being quite literal. I suppose you could claim rice to be a sometimes integral part of the dish, but the here it is wholeheartedly the Japanese take. That’s as close to anything burrito-like about the roll.

It’s an admirable marketing attempt, mind you. I’m sure they meant well, and again, I like Met Market for a number of reasons. Trying to pass a large spicy tuna roll off as a burrito is just not one of them.

Fair is fair, though: it’s a good sushi roll, if not even remotely related to a burrito.

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