Norma’s Burgers: Taco

I assume most of Norma’s business comes from people tired of waiting around for an accident to clear out on the I-5 at Nisqually1. Hey, all power to them—other than the nature refuge, there are preciously few reasons to go to that area2.

Image of… tacos

And if there are any other reasons to go to Nisqually, Norma’s surely is not one of them.

Should I be forced to pick one desert island taco, I would go for the fish variant. It is—if I do say so myself—a bold choice, what with it being so easy to muck up and all, but if you get it right, you get yourself not just a meal, but an experience. Norma’s, as it turns out, has not gotten that memo.

Bravely they have tried to make a taco out of flounder, but that is neither here nor there. The meat—I will take their word for it being flounder—was so over-fried in old oil, there was no way of telling what the glorified fish-sticks actually were.

In their defense, I suppose they never actually said anything here being homemade (other than the salsa—I’m on the fence if that’s a lie or a typo), and their tortillas certainly were not. A highly educated panel landed on them being of the COSTCO variety, the type you pan-fry to impress your guests with homemade-ish-y tortillas.

There was some other stuff in the tacos, but blah, who really cares? Crap-times-zero does not equal zero4, it equals crap. Yes, math works differently in the tortilla world.

Yet a zero it is as far as this rating goes. The amount of bottom-of-the-shelf scores handed out here at your favorite web site is getting worryingly high. One does what one has to do, though. Norma’s is awful, and we can’t hide those kind of facts.

1 And let’s face it, there is always an accident around Nisqually, which lends credence to legends of native curses.

2 Upon leaving, a taco bus was spotted, and regret came flushing in for not having tried it. Next time!3

3 There will be no next time.

4 Please don’t email about the technicality of that math.

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