Northwest Cuisine Creations Pizzeria Style Wrap w/Pesto: Wrap

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al desko /al ˈdɛskəʊ/While working at one’s desk in an office (with reference to the consumption of food or meals)1

Ah, the wrap. The burrito’s straight-edge and often bland sibling. Cold2, too. But give it to Northwest Cuisine Creations: They are not afraid to sneer conformity in the face. A Pizzeria Style Wrap w/Pesto makes for a bold statement. Bold, but ultimately empty.

This wrap is a bit like the anonymous kid in high-school who all of a sudden shows up dressed in a leather jacket. Yes, it makes a statement, but unwrap the layers, and you find the same bland kid.

The Pizzeria Style… is neither as bold nor as edgy as the name would suggest. I would not have associated it with a pizza had it not been for the label. It’s not uncommon to find olives and pepperoni in a wrap these days — they have already served their duty. Cream cheese is the staple it has always been, and in that sense, the wrap is just another face in the crowd.

I suppose bland doesn’t always have to be bad, and in its defense, the cream cheese did give the wrap a mild oomph. It was the one respectable showing in an alarmingly long ingredients list consisting of preservatives and lower shelf fixings.

Yeah, I get it. I’m being unreasonable. I doubt Northwest Cuisine set out to change the world with Pizzeria Style…. Their marketing got to me, and I was expecting something that was not to be. It did fill me up at least. I’ve had worse.

Throwing together a wrap for yourself in the morning is as always the better way to go, but you could probably do worse than grabbing a Pizzeria Style Wrap w/Pesto from the grocery store if you’re in a serious fit of tortilla desperation.

1 Source: Oxford Dictionaries.

2 Most of the time, at any rate.

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