Notes from all over, people like liquor edition

#SpoCOOL / Spokane /

Central Food has started serving bottled cocktails. The cynics amongst us might point out Spokane is somewhat late on the boat here, but really, here it is, and a good thing it is.

The concept is just what is advertised on the tin -- pre-made cocktails made in-house, served to your table where you can either pour it in a glass or swill from the bottle like a swine. (Picture below courtesy of ex-Spokanite Blush Response.)

In other booze news, Sante has applied for a permit allowing them to sell liquor. Which means just that; they will be able to expand their offering beyond beer and wine.

Neither here nor there, but "Sante Lounge" might be a bit of a misnomer, mind you, as it'd be pretty much impossible to create a lounge in the space. Not that we're complaing; we look forward to seeing where this will go.

Finally, Chairs Coffee is applying for a beer and wine permit which... Well, you can probably figure out what that means.