Oly Taproom


There’s a bit of a dearth of good alehouses around Olympia, which strikes me as odd. People are beating Three Magnets’s doors down, so obviously the interest is here here, yet very few places serve the quality stuff. (There’s the Eastside, of course, but more about them another day.)

Oly Taproom opened their doors last Friday, and bless them for that. The spot shows good promise already, and people are already lining up through the door to get in. The latter might be because of an oddly low 60-ish capacity, but I’m sure the fire marshal knows best…


They currently feature fourteen rotating taps, which, in this day and age, might be on the lower end of the spectrum. Twenty seems to be more the norm for newly opened spots. On the plus side, the taps were varied and of good quality during our visit. The taproom’s Facebook page also suggests a rapid rotation.

There is also an impressive bottle shop here. A good, large wall is dedicated to it, and you can buy bottles to bring home or drink there for a cap-fee of ¢50. Not bad, and the bottles themselves seemed fairly priced during our visit.

The taproom doesn’t serve food, but rather has food trucks featured on certain nights. I could go either way with that decision, but, really, how hard is it to eat something somewhere else before grabbing few beers, anyway?

I’m hoping we’ll see more special taps in the future, some that aren’t necessarily local, and I’m optimistic this will happen. Even three days in, there was a good selection of off-the-beaten-path beers to be found. If we’ll see special releases from breweries like the Deschutes and Firestones of the world remains to be seen, so fingers crossed.

Yeah, our first impression is positive. Oly Taproom could go places, and it surely will be a summer destination with its harbor proximity and all. We’ll see how it all plays out, and will have a rollicking time doing so.