Olympic Club Pub: Taco

One has to admire McMenamins. Here we have a brewery that comes swooping in, buying up venerable buildings and restaurants, stealthily installing itself in them without adding much emphasis on its own brand1.

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This can be interpreted any which ways. Are they respecting a legacy? Or are they luring people into a chain disguised as an old favorite? In the words of Roger Waters: «the question is vexed.»

Yet prepared as I always am to be ambivalent about McMenamins, I have to admit to being pleasantly surprised by spots like Centralia’s Olympic Club Pub. «Pleasantly surprised» is, of course, just that. Surprised in a positive way; not loving it2.

The carne asada tacos aren’t something legends are made of, nor are they bad by any means. They are in something semi-close to an existential type of being. You pick them up, chew down, and enjoy a mouthful of tortilla, pork, salsa, and… Well, pretty much anything you’d expect from a pub taco.

What kicks these tacos up from «eh» to «huh» is the pork itself. Surprisingly well prepared, it has the proper char with just a bit of a juiciness on the chew. Sure, the tortillas are average, the salsa is what it is, but when you get the pork down properly, you will at least have a decent experience. These are serviceable tacos.

Life could be worse than at McMenamins and its Olympic Pub Club. Plus let’s be honest: Centralia isn’t exactly the dining Mecca or the Northwest; grade on a scale, and the spot looks pretty damn decent.

1 Other than the fact they have a passport program. You know. For the true road warrior.

2 I mean, the beer is not going to knock your socks off, but a few of the seasonals do the job just fine.

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