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In our typical self-righteous, pretentious write-up of Browsers Book Shop we lamented our move to e-books, and celebrated our triumphant return to the physical media and the shops carrying its Luddite form.

And here we are again, this time at Orca, with an out-of town, book-loving Friend of Team OlyCOOL™. The fact she picked up a few books there is a testament to the shop and its selection1.

I, too, have procured some interesting finds here. A collection of Lovecraft I’ve never seen before, for example, and I got the first volume of Knausgård’s My Struggle. Oddities and mainstream—it’s all good and it’s all there.

Running around looking at old biographies and odd science books is entertaining, too. Not to say I’d pick up any of either—though, then, who knows?—but it’s always fun just to browse around.

The shop’s only real issue is how it’s organized. Being a bit all over the place is not a bad thing as far as random perusing goes, but it can be daunting looking for something specific.

That aside… There’s a store cat, which is kind of awesome. You’ll find him in all kinds of random spots, be it on top of a shelf or wherever. I suppose that could be a bad thing, if you don’t like cats, but then that’s a bit sad, too.

We like the shop, then. And to loop back to e-books: Orca has them, through Kobo. Should you not be familiar with Kobo, they’re pretty much identical to Amazon Kindle and Apple iBooks. The main difference is they work with independent bookstores. In other words, you can buy e-books from Orca’s site and read them on the tablet of your choice2.

The best of both worlds in other words!

1 I think. She seemed excited.

2 Including Kobo e-readers.