Paqui Mucho Nacho Cheese: Tortilla chips

Flavored tortilla chips do, objectively, more often than not suck. My thesis is that chips are considered second class citizens by their producers. All we need to do is create something good enough, they say, a quick and dirty accoutrement for consumers. That sort of thing.

But you, as any tortillaphile, is not just a consumer; you’re a connoisseur. You expect a chip to be as perfect as a thoughtful taco. And who better to give us just that than the creators of the hottest chip in existence, Paqui?

Image of tortilla chips

Paqui respects the chip, and their Carolina Reaper Chip is, despite its heat, also quite tasty. The Nacho Cheese, meanwhile, is mild by design. Try their Haunted Ghost Pepper for something that is reasonably hot; the Nacho Cheese is primed for a good, relaxing time.

These are solid chips, and the color is what stands out straight away. Paqui advertises 100% real ingredients, and the dusting has that distinctive cheddar look to it. That’s nigh-infinite steps beyond Doritos® right there.

Not surprisingly, they taste natural, too. The cheese is right there, like a good, sharp cheddar, backed by a zesty kick, which I attribute to the paprika and tomato powder. The freshness is refreshing in both the literal and figurative sense of the word.

Equally important, the chips have a good crunch to them. It’s not the quasi-sogginess you so often get from the mass-manufactured chips. This has an honest to whomever-you-believe in Mexican restaurant bite.

The only downside I really can think of is that the chips might be a touch too cheddar-y. Show restraint, and you’ll have a good, cheesy time, but if you’re in the mood for an all-out chip party, you might want to consider looking elsewhere.

Where that elsewhere is, I do not yet know, but I will keep investigating in the name of science.