Pizza Ricetta


I'm somewhat surprised we don't hear much about Pizza Ricetta, what with their Italian-style pizza at decidedly un-Oslo-esque prices. My take is that its exteriors look a bit more like a kebab place than a specialized ("specialized"–depends on your definition, I suppose) pizza shop. I mean, god bless the kebab spots, many which do deliver great kebabs; their pizzas often tend to leave a bit to be desired.

So, Ricetta. Here you can find pizzas for 90 NOK, which, frankly, is somewhat unheard of for the quality you get.

The first give-away that it is not a pizza-as-an-afterthought shop, can easily be revealed by simply glancing through its windows. Here you see dough being actually handmade into crusts, which, while not exactly a testament to greatness in itself, is at least the signs of a spot that tries harder than many.

And it tastes good, too. Just a bit of char, with a good bite to it. It might not be quite up there with what Patio does, but for a quick–very quick, usually a ten minute wait–take out pie, it holds a good standard.

The toppings are well-balanced and well-flavored. Not too much cheese, not too much sauce–the restraint makes a good difference from your typical take out spot, where they pile on cheap pepperoni, hoping you won't notice the blandness of the actual pie.

The seasoning used shows equal restraint. It adds to the palate, but not in the sense that it's an over the top flavor bomb.

A good pie, then, for an excellent price. As far as a take out pizza goes, I would rank this one highly. You might find better pies at actual restaurant-restaurants, and that's fine. Sometimes a ten minute wait for something that still is very good is just what you need. And at that, it's hard to beat Ricetta.