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Quality Burrito: Taco

Their shoes are complicated, and their beards are worn with the ironic detachment of someone who doesn’t know what irony actually means. This is Quality Burrito, a spot where the clientele will judge you, yet you still find it in yourself to forgive them. They are, of course, just kids, kids who still haven’t gotten in touch with their inner tortillaphilia.

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Yet, the staff… The staff knows. The looks they give, the hints of knowing nods (or pot-induced myoclonic seizures as they may be)… The QB1 staffers are our kind, and the quality2 of their tacos is the proof of it.

We went with the pork belly- and fried chicken-tacos during our excursion, and all kinds of awesomeness they brought with them. In my mind the fried chicken taco is more of a fickle friend than the pork belly. That might sound like something of a slap in the face of common conception3, but stay with me here… You don’t just put a pork belly taco on the menu unless you have the fortitude to make decent pork belly, and the QB does just that—great pork belly for the people, nicely paired with kimchi.

But no, the fried chicken is really where the connoisseur, the person some consider more «one with a problem» than an «enthusiast», will feel at home. It’s not a too crispy, the chicken (even though it’s double fried), but nowhere near soggy either. There’s an even bite throughout, one that caresses the mouth in a loving, yet respectful matter.

Good tacos, then. The actual tortillas? Not bad at all—they feel fresh, with just a little bit of a char to them. They might not be super exciting, but then, sometimes you don’t want to be too adventurous either.

Yes, the regulars might judge you, but that is just something a person like you will have to live with. And that’s OK; nothing in life worth having comes easily. Don’t mind the detractors, they do not know what they’re missing.

You, meanwhile, can live with the joys the QB offers.

1 That’s what I call them. QB. Because we have a bond.

2 Pun totally not intended, but kept for the sake of comedy.

3 Not the «formation of a viable zygote» kind; the antonym of «misconception».

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