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Longtime Tortillaphilia followers will fondly remember our maiden post, a review of Quality Burrito’s tacos. Exaltation was hoisted upon the QB, with superlatives like loving and respectful strewn throughout.

Then there is their eponymous burrito. We came in with high expectations, which for the most part were met. There were some disappointments, but none so dire that we can’t wholeheartedly recommend a solid burrito.

We tried Jezebel’s Big Soft Taco1, the pork edition. Eclectic as QB’s menu is, this is a fairly conventional entry, with pico de gallo, cotija cheese, sour cream, guacamole, and romaine. The latter is the outlier, and downright healthy as far as a burrito goes.

Sadly, it’s also its one downfall.

I certainly have no issues with romaine, be it in a burrito or otherwise. If anything, it’s a refreshingly fresh addition. No, the issue wasn’t the romaine itself, but rather there being too much of it. We’re talking about half of the fillings, and during certain bites, it was the dominant flavor. Take a gander back at the ingredients, and you’ll see how that is pretty impressive.

During other bites, everything was as it should. The pork was delicious; soft to the chew without being mushy. I’ll also stake my considerable reputation on QB having the best guacamole in the region. It was pungent, with a good kick of what I will assume was lime2. A balanced pico de gallo closed out the party in a fandango with the cotija.

These were top quality fillings, most prepared freshly in-house3. Had only some restraint been shown with the lettuce, this would have been a top-rated burrito. Close, and thorough as researchers we are, we’ll be back for another check soon.

1 Despite its name, it is a burrito.

2 You’d be shocked, shocked if you learned how many places use lemon. One day we might have an exposé on it.

3 I can only assume the sour cream was not, but feel free to correct us on Twitter.

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