Quality Burrito: Burrito

I could pull out an awful opening line here, something along the lines of, “Quality Burrito really delivers quality burritos!”, but… Actually, no, screw it, I’m going there: Quality Burrito really does deliver quality burritos. I feel no shame in saying that.

And a burrito is, for whatever reason, a fickle friend. It should be a fairly easy dish to slap together, but then, Taco Bell has made a business out of screwing it up. Maybe we’re just expecting too much from large conglomerates…

QB, meanwhile, does the dish proud. They have the flavor profiles down, and they give you a good bang for the buck. Not that the burritos are cheap, but they’re big, and the flavors are fresh.

The “grilled firebird”, for example, has a nice kick to it, without ever really being superbly spicy. The pickled jalapeños and carrots, paired with a ranchero sauce, give the wrap just a little bit of zest, which goes well with the guacamole. There is a smattering of sour cream, too, but not so much it overtakes the flavor profile. A well balanced burrito.

Giving the tacos a shot is worth the effort–because eating food somebody else has prepared is quite the accomplishment in my mind–particularly the potato ones. I can’t quite put my finger on what makes them taste as zesty as they do, but zesty they are, nonetheless.

The zucchini fritters . . . now these are an unexpected pleasure. I don’t particularly love zucchini in general, but these are pretty awesome, particularly when dipped in the lime cream sauce. Zesty: It may be a boring adjective, but it is also fitting. There is a lot of zestiness going on at the QB, and to me, zesty gives the impression of freshness. You can’t go wrong with fresh, unless you’re… I don’t know… Let’s just say a terrorist.

The locale has quite the vibe going on, at least if you can live with the lingering smell of cigarette smoke. How many years has the smoking ban been in effect now? You’d think long enough for the smell to be gone, but that is apparently not the case.

The clientele adds a lot of color, too. It has a bit of a hippie thing gong on, and nothing wrong with that, but there are definitely some characters in there.

So, I’m not saying Quality Burrito necessarily walks on water–despite what Taco Bell thinks, making a burrito isn’t that hard–but they do what they do very well. Their burritos are of high… well, you know… and I see little reason why you wouldn’t want to give the spot a chance.

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