Quesada Burritos & Tacos

RestaurantsVictoria, BC

One can learn a lot about a country’s tortilla-based culture from a franchise. Does the public get to enjoy decent, assembly-line Mexican-ish food? Are things a step or two up from your average fast-food offerings? Can Canada best The Bell?

At Quesada Burritos & Tacos we threw caution to the wind and tried a quesadilla, namesake dishes be damned. Here, your tortilla-professional throngs together your meal, safely guiding you to your port of call.

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OK, I am being somewhat flippant. If one was to believe a Subway employee is a sandwich artist, its Quesada equivalent is a tortilla auteur. There’s nothing wrong with that per se, but the delivered works are rarely anything to put on display.

You can too easily replicate the quesadilla at home: A pair of tortillas and a jar of salsa are all you need to dress up the Kraft-style cheese, all conveniently available from your grocery store. The optional guacamole and corn are on the next shelf.

It’s disappointing. I cannot recall if I ever have tried anything from Chipotle, but word has reached me they deliver decent, fresh dishes, a step above their franchise-ilks. For whatever reason, I had expected Quesada to be similar: Not necessarily a mind-blowing meal, but one that would make you smile and nod. That’s just one assumes from Canada. Something more… Canadian.

Glass half-full, though: It is better than The Bell.

Luckily, our previous Canadian exposé found better options. Check out The Ruby on Johnson, for the country at its finest.