Ramen and Tacos: Taco

… or at least that’s what their banner says. Their website claims they’re actually called Brothers & Co., though I will keep calling them Ramen and Tacos because a) it’s a better name, and b) it’s a great concept.

Sadly, though, I am fairly certain they do not provide a ramen taco. I say fairly, as the line to their Ballard Farmers Market truck snaked itself halfway up a city block, and it was hard to get a read of the full menu when ordering.

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There are many things to like about the part of the truck the Tortillaphilia Editorial Board™ focuses on. That they have gone all-in on untraditional tacos, for example, is laudable. This isn’t some halfhearted attempt at fusion, but rather a well thought out menu. The tacos come served on wholewheat tortillas, topped with mashed legumes, vegetables, and (during our visit) chicken. A greek yoghurt sauce and a pico-like salsa finish off a fresh and clean flavor profile.

Thus there is no doubt in my mind that the brothers behind the truck take their promise of social responsibility and community seriously. They’re also very friendly, which provides a pleasant experience.

Now, if you are smelling a but in the air, your senses are well-honed. There are, regrettably, a few issues with Ramen and Tacos.

For one, a taco runs you $4.25 for the meat variety, which, for its size, is steep. I suppose local ingredients and whatnot will run you more than what many other places carry and charge, but these tacos are as small as the traditional street variety.

Worse were the tortillas, which, while tasty in their own right, fell apart under the weight of the toppings. Nothing is worse than having to race through a taco in fear of it disintegrating in your hands. In this case, I lost the race.

In other words, the flavors were quite good, but the taco experience left something to be desired.

Still, while at Ballard’s farmers market, I feel Ramen and Tacos is worth a visit. They’re onto something, and I think I more easily could forgive the price point had the tortillas held up. Like always, I encourage a private investigation, as I would hope you are wont to do.

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