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Ramirez Mexican Store: Tortillas

So here are tortillas deserving of that special treatment. These aren’t the type you pick up at 1:30am just to end the night with some sloppy tacos. No, these are of the type you plan a special evening with, the ones you respectfully assemble into delicate corn tortilla based tacos. These are from Ramirez, and if there is something (or somewhere as it is) we enjoy, it’s Ramirez.

Image of tortillas

Made in-store, you can often find these tortillas hot off the presses. Frankly, that’s all you need, the tortillas. Sure, you could grab a pound of carnitas and carne asada to go1, but you can just as well eat them plain, straight from the pack. Or go crazy and get a party going by adding some butter and cinnamon. It doesn’t take much; these tortillas are legit.

I mean, really, don’t cheapen out on us. The prices are the same as… whatever those grocery store brands are… so there are few excuses not to go Ramirez style. I suppose if you hate beauty you might look elsewhere, but then, you wouldn’t be visiting this site if that was the case. That’s right. We know what you like.

Short and sweet: Ramirez’s tortillas speak for themselves. These are tortillas you want to hang around with, become friends with, converse with. These are what Tortillaphilia™ is all about.

1 You should in fact do that. Variety is good. Live a little.

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Score: 4 out of 4 stars

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