Ramirez Mexican Store


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Everybody needs a safe space, and for a tortillaphile, that space is Ramirez’s Mexican Store. Ramirez takes care of you. Lets you offload. Unwind. Eat a burrito.

And oh does Ramirez know its burrito.

You get your regular choices here, and there certainly is nothing wrong with picking the basics. Carne asada, carnitas… They’re all good. But if you want to try something actually spectacular, we’d be hardpressed not to recommend the chile relleno.

Should you not be familiar with that dish — and don’t worry if you’re not; Tortillaphilia is an inclusive society — it’s simply a poblano pepper stuffed with cheese and fried in egg batter. A straightforward dish, and a tasty one at that. Making it handheld is just the added bonus we’ve come to expect from Ramirez.

The simple things in life are often the best, and there is nothing overly complicated with this burrito. It’s not a pretentious attempt at being haute cuisine. Instead, you get a lightly fried pepper with no signs of grease, mildly spicy, and a cheese — presumably Monterey Jack (or of its ilk) — as smooth as a Frank Avalon tune. Ramirez lets the chile relleno be the chile relleno.

And with Ramirez being the tortilla factory it is1, it goes without saying the relleno is suitably wrapped.

There are so far only two burritos I deem worthy of four stars in the Olympia area: this one and Don Juan’s. They are notably different, with Ramirez taking a decidedly simpler route. That is just fine. Olympia might not be an all-out burrito town, but when you have the choice between rustic perfection and ornate excellence, you can still live the tortillaphile lifestyle you deserve here.

1 We have previously awarded the tortillas four stars.