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Cap. Hill is undeniably a young person’s neighborhood, and after having been addressed as sir at Rocket Taco, I can only conclude it is a young person’s taco spot. But hey, they’re polite.

More importantly, Rocket’s tacos are good. For reasons better left unsaid, I came in with low expectations – the name may or may not have played into that – but Rocket serves up some tasty, albeit expensive tacos.

Let’s get the latter out of the way: Thirteen dollars for three tacos and a side of beans isn’t exactly chump change. The tacos are filled to the brim, I will give them that, but we’re talking a meal that’s priced for a small investment.

Are they worth the price, though? Yes, I really do think they are.

My chorizo potato trio came served with a kick, thanks to the house-made sausage. The chorizo can be a fickle friend, often served as a saucy mush, but Rocket got it down properly. Combined with the potatoes, it was just soft, yet with a slight bite. Downright saucy. The heat was not overwhelming, but the flavor stayed with me. Chorizo done right? It’s a beautiful thing.

The drizzled crema played well with the spices, working as a coolant, yet with a tangy flavor of its own.

And to revisit my first point: sir or no sir, Rocket’s service truly is both friendly and fast. My tacos were served within minutes.

The locale has a good vibe, too. Wooden floors, tiled counters… It’s a comfortable space.

Yes, Rocket Taco is quite good, and even a not above that. A true tortillaphile will want to give it a proper vetting. Odds are you’ll put it in your rotation.

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