The Tortillaphilia Awards™

There are the Michelin Stars and there is the James Beard Awards. More coveted than them all are The Tortillaphilia Awards™. What follows is the legend of the six step scale places and items are rated.

Mario Bombed Out of Existence

Everything took an unfortunate turn, and we were forced to bring out the four bombs that kill Mario’s soul.

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One Mushroom

This should only charitably be examined by a hardcore tortillaphile.

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Two Mushrooms

It wasn’t perfect, but the potential is definitely there. Approach with some caution.

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Three Mushrooms

The three 'shrooms represent a seal of firm approval.

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Four Mushrooms

An undisputed hit, and an obvious pick for any discerning tortillaphile.

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Four Mushrooms and a Mario

Perfection. A score yet to be awarded.

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