Spud's Produce Market


It kind of completes the holy trinity, Spud’s in Wildwood. Of course, it should actually be a holy square, but while Olympia Coffee and Vic’s both are awesome, the Lucky Lunchbox set a stopper for any chances of a new, divine geometry.

But, that aside!

Spud’s, in all its hippie glory, is pretty much what one would expect it to be: a market with a lot of fresh produce. In a sense there isn’t so much to the place that you can write an essay about it, and that’s probably a good thing. Spud’s does its promised basics well, and the produce here really does hold a high quality. You get the local stuff–all in-season–and, probably as important, the out of state selection feels surprisingly fresh. I mean, really. Safeway is three blocks up the street, and what you find there is in a whole different league, one that is significantly lower.

A good indication of the quality is that you can often times see employees from Vic’s run down to get ingredients for their pizzas. That’s like a… non-vicious-circle? Fresh ingredients make good pizzas that require more fresh ingredients, and so it goes, round and around. (It’s all pretty fresh, is my point!)

There is also a good selection of local meats and cheeses, and often time local vendors can be found peddling their wares inside the store. The beer selection might not be gigantic, but what’s here is good.

In other words, Spud’s really a good place to pick up your produce, and pull with you some other local oddities at the same time.

And the bathrooms are great!

Which all reminds us of the excellent movie Frank: Sing along with Michael Fassbender and the final tune from the movie; it’s like Spud’s in a song.