T’Juana Tacos: Burrito

The breakfast burrito: the simplest yet most complex of burrito. This is the type that shouldn’t be too in your face, and some basic ingredients should do most of the talking.


T’Juana Tacos, located in the Fremont Market every Sunday, viscerally gets this thesis, at least theoretically. The egg, prepared on a Blackstone right in front of you, is the center of the burrito, as it should be. Adding Tater tots to the mix is a good twist – it gives you that breakfast feeling yet provides a more unique twist than the more standard hash browns. Theoretically, it’s all there. But the ingredients let the experience down.

The tortilla is the main culprit. There is no way on earth it isn’t a grocery store-grade flour variant, and its function is little more than being a wrap. As far as being a flavor enhancer, it does very little.

I can’t necessarily prove that the tots are from the frozen food aisle, but they taste like it. Or rather, they taste like nigh nothing, and I had to double-check they hadn’t been left out of the burrito. They were there, working as a filler.

The hot salsa? Not so hot. As figuratively can be said about the burrito, which was just dull. It does the job as something to nosh on if you’re idly walking down the Fremont Market, but it likely will be the least memorable part of your visit.

It has the soul of a good breakfast burrito, then, just not the heart.

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