Taqueria Cantina: Burrito

I’ll give Taqueria Cantina this: they got some chutzpah. A $17 chorizo-stuffed burrito should at least come served with a side of mariachi lessons. It doesn’t, shockingly enough, but the burrito is, if nothing else, decent. Not mind-blowing, but overall a fraction better than average.

The chorizo is the differentiator and is worth the $2 extra, even on top of the already hefty $15 base. Add a side of sour cream, and you’re looking at a $19 burrito. But I digress…

This type of sausage stands or falls on its dryness and its spiciness. It should obviously not be too dry, but I’ve also encountered mushy textures which, scientifically speaking, is gross. Cantina passed that test, and also placed high on the heat index. By that, I don’t mean that it was crazy spicy, but rather properly balanced. It’s not going to burn your tongue off, nor is it bland.

Yet, there is no way around the perfectly average base, no matter how good the chorizo is. I could head to a taco truck and get a similar burrito for half the price. They might not be quite as skilled in their chorizo prep, but that would more likely than not be a sacrifice I could handle.

Taqueria Cantina delivers a good enough burrito, but with a $15 starting price, it should take some extenuating circumstances to make the investment in it.

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