Taqueria la Esquinita: Carne Asada

La Esquinita is one of those spots we often forget about, which seems somewhat unfair, yet is kind of understandable. Flanked by California Tacos on one side1 and Three Magnets on the other, La Esquinita just tends to disappear.2

Image of carne asada

As far as the spot goes, it is quite decent. Decent in fact. Hell, let’s even say Decent2 and our forgetfulness should be forgiven.

Their carne asada especial is something any tortillaphile could enjoy. I’m not entirely sure where the corn tortillas are from3, but they’re good. Better yet is the meat. Here the charbroiled steak is as tender as a young Frankie Avalon, with a char4 giving it that smokey flavor you’d hope for, and, let’s be honest, deserve. A cooling avocado on the side pairs well.

Note the fried jalapeño which in its surprising spiciness is worth a warning. I mean, god, I’ve been in crazy contests for god’s sake, and I had issues with it.

What else is there to say? Nothing really… Good carne asada, and… Maybe that’s why we often forget about Esquinita. It truly is good, but that’s pretty much it. It’s Decent2. It deserves visits, but it doesn’t deserve worship.

That’s not to end on a bad note. Good is after all better than both bad and average, hence the well-deserved two-mushroom-rating.

1 Aka Tacos California, because consistency is overrated.

2 The fact that it shares a building with Fish Tale probably doesn’t help either.

3 The flour ones are definitely bought whole-sale; you can see the plastic bags of them in the kitchen. No sign of corn ones, though, so I suspect they’re actually baked in-house.

4 Clint Eastwood-y I would say.

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