Taquería Tequila: Burrito

Within every challenge lies opportunity, and while things may look dire right now, this is a good time to branch out. Walk down a different avenue, give the unknown some love – that is my uncharacteristically glass-half-full stance on our current realities.

Burrito from Taquería Tequila

We discovered Taquería Tequila during a deep-dive into DoorDash, and while we weren’t familiar with the Greenwood eatery, we feel a bond with it now has been forged. Tequila, as it is known amongst friends, delivers a burrito that sits top tier right alongside Barrio. The styles are different, with the latter serving up more of a modern twist on Tequila’s traditionalism, but the qualities are on par.

I sampled the aptly names Super Burrito, which came filled with the usual suspects – guacamole, sour cream, pico, rice, and beans – and, per my selection, chorizo. The differentiator was the sauce, which, unless you’re feeling especially adventurous, means that this is not a handheld meal. That’s not a knock on the burrito, just something to be aware of: knife and fork will be required. And importantly, the sauce was good. Maybe just a little on the sweet side, but not so much that a spicy undercurrent didn’t balance it out.

The chorizo added a punch of its own, which means the burrito’s spiciness could be on the cusp of what a reasonable person can deal with. If heat isn’t your thing, go with a blander type of meat like the lengua, which plays nicely with the sauce’s piquancy. For those who do enjoy a good kick, the chorizo is a good pick.

Yet, what impressed me the most with the burrito was the finesse of its assembly. The tomato and onion in the pico de gallo were so finely and uniformly chopped they were reminiscent of the toppings of a steak tartare. Too, the fillings were delicately measured to extenuate each flavor. The sour cream can often be the base of a mundane experience when there is too much of it – a common sin – but Tequila positioned it as a secondary player. It added something to the mix, just not too much.

Balance is the word that keeps coming to mind with Tequila’s offering. They’ve created a finely tuned burrito.

Of note

A special shout-out to Taquería Tequila’s website. Not only is it filled with stock photos – generic chefs holding generic salads is a personal favorite – it also features blurbs like Pray! Visit us from Monday to Sunday [..]. Pray? I don’t even know.

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