The Creperie


Closed down.


You know, maybe I just don’t pay enough attention, but as awesome as the new 222 Market—an «artisan food hub»—is, its opening surely seems have been kept a deep, hidden secret. The Olympian stories aside… The word of this spot should be slapped all over our faces, Sean Connery style. Which is what we’re doing now.

So! The Creperie is among the first places to open in the hub, and that’s good for all of us. Crêpes are awesome, and having the Bread Peddler open a crêperie just makes sense.

And it all is quite excellent. I mean, really good. Up there with something you’d find in a food mecca1.

The savory pancakes2 here are made from a buckwheat batter which comes with just a touch of sweetness to it. The end-product is something with a bit more substance than what you find in your standard wheat crêpe.

I tried the «Complete», served with an egg on top, and ham and cheese inside. Jarlsberg cheese at that, and bravo to whomever made that decision. Really. Jarlsberg is a nice, nutty cheese, always versatile, and it pairs well with buckwheat.

As far as a crêpe goes, the «Complete» was filling, and enough to be a meal in itself. Simple and somewhat rustic. Très chic!


The seasonal special, a pumpkin crêpe—made from wheat batter—held a similar standard. An autumnal palate for sure, and while there probably was a touch too much cream (luckily served on the side), the dish wasn’t too sweet, thanks too some well balanced spices.

While a bit lacking in assertiveness, the service was friendly, and the interiors—French meets Pacific Northwest—made for a good surrounding. Inviting and classy.

All in all, then, a great experience, and a great way to kick off the 222 Market fact finding mission. The Creperie is something Olympia needs, and you should do us all a favor and make the spot a destination. It will make you a better human being.

1 A term annoying enough to be second only to «foodie».

2 Yes, crêpes are pancakes. Look it up if you don’t believe me.