The Gyro Spot


Gyro spots tend to be safe choices. Not to say there aren’t bad restaurants out there, but I can’t recall having a downright horrible gyro, at least in a good while.

In that sense, there isn’t that much to say about the Gyro Spot. It’s a safe choice, one with a gyro you probably wouldn’t be able to differentiate from Brand X. That’s fine when Brand X is good.

This gyro, at any rate, consists of what you’d expect: A fluffy pita and shaved lamb meat, tossed in an accouterment of feta, lettuce, tomato, and red onion. Tzatziki dresses it all, and there certainly is a lot of stash in the pita.

Now, things can of course go wrong here. If the pita is stale, then the rest will be null and void. A fresh tasting pita is a must, and the Gyro Spot delivers a fluffy vessel. It passes the pick-on-it-by-itself test.

Illustrative image

They slice the lamb in front of you, which is a good sign. Beware pre-sliced meat in a tub — you don’t know where that meat has been and with whom it has associated.

I’m not in love with their tzatziki, which, while fresh, is lacking on the oomph scale. Maybe I’m getting too far into subjective territory here, but I am of the solid conviction that tzatziki should smack you around with its garlic.

The feta is decent, though I again prefer something more flavorful. The vegetables are what they are: Luckily fresh tasting, and I suppose I can’t ask for more than that.

It’s a good gyro then, as is usual from most spots. I have had gyros higher on the spectrum, and when one hits home, it hits hard. I can’t say that was the case with the Gyro Spot. It’s worth the visit, though I’m not sure braving a snowstorm would be worth it.