The Oyster House

Feel free to disagree, but in my mind a tortillaphile is a person of a more eclectic palate. Someone who takes a step into the great unknown, wearing their tortilla passion on their sleeve.

Image of Oyster House taco

The natural question, then, is why a person—a scholar, if you so like—like this would go to the Oyster House?

This is a spot so generic, it could pretty much be the definition1 of the word. There really are few reasons for them to take it any further than that, with a choice waterside location and all. People will come, eat something they won’t remember the second they walk out the door2, and marvel at the marina view.

Which is a long way of saying the fish tacos here are less than stellar. They are not offensive, as much as they are incredibly forgettable. The halibut is, the menu tells me, fresh, but hell if I know… They weren’t necessarily over-fried, but I wouldn’t call them the work of a master craftsman. The flour tortillas, the menu again tells me, are also fresh. I assume they mean they were freshly picked up from the neighboring Thriftway.

The rest? I couldn’t tell you—I really do not remember!

I don’t know… Don’t eat tacos at an oyster house, I suppose. Eat the oysters instead. They’re not amazing, but compared to the tacos, they’re downright exciting.

1 Borderline using «literally» here.

2 Literally. I had to look up what was on my taco.